International Shipping to Countries Outside the UK

We ship to all EU countries, Norway and Switzerland. The international shipping rates are weight based.

Note: In case the order was returned to Ketosource because it could not have been delivered to a postbox, we will only be able to refund the products, but not the shipping charge.

US Store

You can also buy select products from our US store including products that can be sold in US but not in the EU (e.g. Ketone Salts or Esters due to their Novel Food status). Our US store will soon be expanding the range of products available.

Any queries about International Shipping? Get in touch here.

Other International Shipping Options:
Ketosource Brand Products Only

Pure C8 MCT Oil is stocked on Prime also. Amazon will ship it to most countries around the world from their warehouse if you order there.

To find Ketosource products on Prime click here.

Order Cancellation

Please notify our team of the order cancellation within 15 minutes from the time the order was placed. Our colleagues at the warehouse process the orders instantly. Once they start the process of packaging your order, the labels are assigned and we cannot cancel the order being shipped to you.

So if the order cancellation was not received within 15 minutes, it means the order may already be on the way to you. In this case, we will only be able to refund the products, but not the shipping charge – and we can only refund you once the parcel is returned to our warehouse.

The fastest way to do this is to send us an email to: