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Why Use Pure C8 & Pure Acacia Powders?

Pure C8 MCT Powder 3.0

Better Ketone Boost. Zero Carbs. All Natural Ingredients.

Boosts Ketones
Has the highest % of ketone boosting Pure C8 MCT of any MCT powder. Contains 15g of Ketosource Pure C8 MCT per serving. C8 is the only MCT that increases blood ketones effectively.
100% Ketogenic & 0g Carbs
No carbs. No glucose spiking fibres. Only natural acacia fibre used which keeps blood sugar flat.
All Natural Ingredients
Only natural and health promoting high quality ingredients used. No synthetic ingredients. No additives like silica or silicon dioxide. No artificial sweeteners. Completely clean ingredients. 

One of our values is transparency. We believe you should be able to ask any question and get accurate information on anything you buy.

We run lab analysis of all our products with external labs to confirm the quality of our products. We make these available to you so you know exactly what a product contains.

Pure Acacia

Guaranteed Ketogenic. Doesn't Break Your Fasts.

Ketogenic Diet Compliant
Acacia fibre has no impact on blood sugar or blood ketone levels. This makes it ideal for keto lifestyles. 
Fasting Compliant
Acacia fibre has virtually zero calories. So it does not interfere with fasting mechanisms. 


Powders that Work with Your lifestyle. And Make it Better.

Pure c8 Powder 3.0

Easier on Stomach than MCT oils. Easy Mixing Dairy-Free Creamer.

Easy on Stomach
No upset stomach that can come with low purity MCT Oils or some MCT Powders. Suitable for people with sensitive stomachs or gut sensitivities. The Pure C8 MCT Powder is the best option to ensure no indigestion, loose stools or stomach aches with MCT oil intake.
Easy-Mixing Dairy-Free Creamer
Acts like a true creamer when mixed into drinks. Looks similar to milk when mixed in. MUST be blended in with a frother, blender, whisk or mixed vigorously. Can be blended with coffee, tea and other drinks to act like a creamer.

Pure Acacia

Made from the Best tasting & mixing acacia. 
adds creamy texture to Coffees, Broths & Soups.

Best Tasting & Mixing
There are many types of acacia and they all have different properties. We've spent 5 years to identify the best acacia for taste and mixability.
Creamer/ Thickener
Best use is added to liquids where it acts like a creamer or thickener. E.g. Coffee, teas, soups or broths.

Ketone Coffee

Discover the Coffee Recipe Designed to Support Keto & Fasting Lifestyles 

Make Ketone Coffee with Pure Acacia, coffee and Pure C8 MCT oil.... or just Pure C8 Powder 3.0 and coffee
More suitable for fat loss goals and fasting than butter or coconut oil or other fat-based coffees
Use a frother for the best and creamiest results
Add flavoured stevia sweet drops to make it a 'vanilla latte' or a 'caramel macchiato' 


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