the Challenge

What To Do

Follow the steps outlined below to complete your challenges.

Each challenge you complete takes you closer to getting fat loss results and gives you points on the scoreboard for prizes.

#1 Take Action

The steps in taking action lead you to getting your fat loss results.

PART 1: WARM UP (now!)

Take Small Actions during the warm up before the Main Challenge. make the most of the Main Challenge by Taking Actions That Get You Ready... and get a head start on the scoreboard for bonus prizes

follow these steps:

STEP 1 - #MyIntro


scoreboard points: 5

Say hello to the community.

Let them know who you are so they can get to know you.

We do this with a post with some quick details about us and a photo.

That's it. We're all in this together - so you'll see many others doing this. And you'll find this is the best way to start to get to know the others in the group and on the Challenge Journey. This gives others in the group the opportunity to see and start interacting with you.

How to Do This Step-by-Step

Use this simple formula to make it easy (but feel free to improvise!):

1. Get your favorite photo
2. Create a post in the facebook group with it
3. Add the Hashtag #MyIntro
3. Write in the Post the Following:
- Tell us what your name is
- Tell us which town/ city and country you are in (we're all over the world!)
- [Optional] Tell us about your journey OR why you've joined the Challenge



scoreboard points: 10

We'll be using the during the 4-day trainings to simplify the keto diet for you. As you'll see in the Main Challenge Trainings the app takes a lot of the work and effort out of the ketogenic diet. 

It's designed to be a "Done For You" app - meaning we looked at things that people found complicated or spent time on, and we figured out a way to have the app do it for you.

For this reason, the app is an essential part of your journey on the Challenge. And this is why you get points for setting it up.

We will in particular be using the app in the breakout exercises on Day 1 and Day 4 trainings. So it's important you've installed it before 14th January - so you're ready to make the most of the Challenge.

The app is free - and your access to it is exclusive because you are part of the Challenge. It's onaly accessible by Challengers. You will keep it after the Challenge and it will be a constant support to you afterwards to make "maintaining the lifestyle" easy.

How to Do This Step-by-Step

Damien did a walkthrough step-by-step with the Challenger community. 

So the easiest way to set up the app, and configure it for your personal situation is to follow along in the video below. 

Click here to access the step-by-step video and install the app.



GO live TO DO YOUR video introduction

scoreboard points: 20

Say hello to the community in a way that lets them REALLY get to know you. 

It's uncomfortable to go 'VIDEO LIVE' in the community... but it's important for your results! 

During the Challenge you will need to go video live in the facebook group to submit your challenge homeworks.

So it's important to take this step now - to get comfortable with it - with something much easier. 

This is all you need to do to complete this step. Go video live and introduce yourself to the group.

How to Do This Step-by-Step

Use this simple formula to make it easy (but feel free to improvise!):

1. Tell us what your name is

2. Tell us which town/ city and country you are in (we're all over the world!)

3. Tell us why you joined the challenge!

That's it. We're all in this together - so you'll see many others doing this. Please cheer them on - as this simple action will help us get to know each other before the Challenge kickoff!

NEED SOME INSPIRATION? Check out the Live Intros already submitted by your fellow challengers in the Facebook Group.

NOTE: This step isn't recording a video and then uploading it. We're looking for in the moment authenticity during the Challenge for the Challenges - to make it more real for everyone. This step is designed to get you used to GOING LIVE. So please have courage, remember everyone is in the same place, and click the go live button

not sure how to go live to introduce yourself with your facebook app?
Watch the video below

PART 2: The Main Challenge (14th to 17th JAN)

Take One Action Step Each Day to Complete the Challenge Workbook Homework Over 4 Days.

follow these steps:

Step 1: Submit Your Challenge for the Day Before 12pm the Next Day

Think about your answer to the “Challenge Action Step” each day.
Write down your thoughts if it helps.
Example: For Day 1 (Thursday 14th January), submit your challenge before 12pm (BST) on Day 2 (Friday 15th January). You have nearly 24 hours

Step 2: See How You Inspire & Support Others in the Community!

It’s no small thing to submit a live challenge.
It motivates others by seeing you step up. 
And you’ll find you get a lot of encouragement from the community with your submissions.
This may sound small - but it’s what will make the day translate to real results for you.
Encouragement, support and accountability (by you posting) makes all the difference.

Step 3: Check in the Next Day to See if You Were Selected as a Day’s Challenge Winner!

Damien will be selecting 3 winners from each day’s Challenge at 5:30pm BST (London Time) each day.
The selection criteria are designed to reward you for making steps that lead to results!
The criteria are: A) Did you go ALL-IN?!, and B) Is it a good plan - does it make use of the training to maximize your results?
Encouragement, support and accountability (by you posting) makes all the difference.

Step 4: Remember to Have Fun & Make Friends!

By submitting your challenges you’ll also find that you start to make friends in the group.
It’s only natural, as people will be able to put a real face to you, see what your goals are and how you’re working on them.
So look at this as a fun way to make new friends with similar goals.
Everyone in the Challenge is in a similar position - so try to put any doubts or hesitation aside - they’re normal. But everyone’s feeling them - but once you start taking action with the challenges you’ll find everything gets super easy and natural!


scoreboard points: 25

Answer this question after day 1

"Are you going to use any keto diet principles to improve your results? If yes, how? If not, why?”

In your post include the Hashtag: #Challenge1




scoreboard points: 25

answer this question after day 2

“Are you going to use fasting to improve your results? If yes, how? If not, why?”

In your post include the Hashtag: #Challenge2


scoreboard points: 25

answer this question after day 3

“Are you going to use exogenous ketones to improve your results? If yes, how? If not, why?”

In your post include the Hashtag: #Challenge3


During the Day 4 Trainings You will do this step in an interactive exercise.

DAY 4 Exercise Challenge 

scoreboard points: 10

set your starting point

This challenge is all about Results. It's in the name. So let's take that first courageous step of setting our starting point.

You'll do this in the so that you know where you started. And you can look back later and see how far you've come.

You will need a standard tape measure for this step. So buy one if you don't have one at hand. Ask in the community if you're not sure where to get one.

to complete this step just show up on the training day and work on it in the breakout exercise.

If you miss it - you'll be able to follow a replay posted here afterwards.


Your day 4 challenge pulls everything together. its the most important one that gives you your lifestyle blueprint to move forward with.


scoreboard points: 25

answer this question after day 4

"What is your new keto results lifestyle? What are the 3 lifestyle changes you are going to start next week?
How are these going to get you results? Why will these make a difference for you?

In your post include the Hashtag: #Challenge4

#2 Share the journey

Support & inspire the challenger community!

gO ALL IN: get the best results, Earn even more Scoreboard Points to access prizes, make Lots of keto friends & help build the community that will support your journey after the challenge.

follow these steps:


contribute to the group & inspire everyone to get results!

scoreboard points: 50

If you want to go ALL IN, that means lifting everyone up with your motivation and support!

The Top 10 Contributors in the Keto Results Challenge will each earn 50 points for the scoreboard at the end of the giveaway. Facebook publishes these group analytics - so we'll publish these analytics and the top contributors at the end.

The little things count. Everything from:

1. Liking peoples posts to encourage them

2. Letting them know how you appreciated or liked their intro video

3. Commenting on people's posts with positive vibes to support them in taking action

4. Posting your own updates, questions and experience shares about your keto & fasting journey so far..

IMPORTANT: This is of course isn't spam, or annoying posts. Facebook's algorithm does a good job of ranking activity by how it contributes to the whole group. As long as you're being supportive - it will show up in the stats. 

facebook group analytics objectively reveals the challengers who contribute most

Damien will give you updates on who of you are the top contributors during the challenge 🙂

P.s. Annoying disclaimer... if our scoreboard tracking team do see 'spam' like activity, we'll let you know...  and discount the points. I really do need to emphasize that this is about authentic interactions in the group so it's beneficial to people.




scoreboard points: 20

What it is

A Challenge Buddy is someone who will do the Challenge with you. You are going to invite someone to be your Challenge Buddy.

They'll be there with you through the Challenge, working on it by your side.

There are interactive exercises and trainings during the Challenge where you will get the most benefit from working with one or more other people. 

Note on Points: Both people who become Challenge Buddies get the points. E.g. if you bring in your friend to the group and they become your #ChallengeBuddy, both you and them will get the points.

Why This is Important

Having a Challenge Buddy, someone who knows you - and you know well - helps keep you more accountable.

Reinforcing accountability is some of the magic sauce that makes challenges work. It's a little bit uncomfortable. But it will pay off later in the Challenge.

It will also make the Challenge more fun with you. And it will make it stick.

After the 4-Day Challenge is over you will need to keep what happened in the Challenge in your life - to make it work.

And a great way to do this naturally, is to have people who have been in your life and will be in your life for a long time in on it also.

How to Do This Step-by-Step

Think about which of your friends or colleagues could most benefit from the Challenge. Which one of these has the most All-In attitude also? The combination of both of these things will make for your best Challenge Buddy experience. 
Explain to them what the Challenge is and why you joined up. Then ask them if they'd like to join. And let them know if so you could be Challenge Buddy's and work on it together, and Why that's helpful to both of you.
If they are enthusiastic, give them the link to sign up! 
Once they are in the Facebook Group post a welcome post in the group. In it you should include:
A) A welcome message for them!
B) Tagging them so we know who they are and so that they see your welcome (use the @ sign and then type their name). 
C) Add the hashtag #ChallengeBuddy in the post. The hashtag will let us attribute your scoreboard points. But it also inspires others to find their Challenge Buddies too!  



scoreboard points: 5 FOR EACH JOINER

The more people that join the Challenge, the more powerful it will become.

This is because the "energy" of each person contributes to our motivation. The more #MyIntro, #MyLiveIntro, and challenges that are posted. The more opportunity each person has to get inspired.

So encouraging new people to join the Challenge is going to support everyone's results.

But how to do this effectively?

By "Relate Meaningfully". This is Ketosource's first core value.

What it means is that meaningful relationships are important. And these are 1-on-1 relationships between each of us.

Based on this value, the best way to add people who will benefit from the challenge - is to invite them personally. Because that will be meaningful to them. 

And will help them to get past any doubts they have about challenges or trainings on fat loss - to take advantage of this challenge.

Important note on points: Please make sure the person you have invited is signed up at to be in the Challenge. Otherwise, your scoreboard points won't register. And also, they won't be able to properly participate! So it's important for all 🙂

How to Do This Step-by-Step

Think about which of your friends or colleagues or family can benefit from the Challenge. Which have some weight to lose? Which could benefit from some inspiration? Which could benefit from the 4-day trainings?
Click the button below to go to the personal invitation form. And fill in the details needed to send your personal email invitation.
It will be most effective when you write your own email in the form to them. If you don't want to do this however, the default will be sent.
Once you've submitted the form a personal email will be sent to them with the details you entered. 

You will receive the email also (you'll be in CC). So you'll know exactly what was sent and you can reply and start talking to them about why you sent it in more detail. 

It includes a link for them to sign up to the challenge at
Most people are a little reticent to start a challenge or training. This is normal.

Often this can be because they don't want to expose themselves to the risk of failing. This is an unfortunate symptom of lots of low quality and ineffective information on the internet and in trainings about fat loss. Most people have been disappointed by these before.

So you may find you have to talk with them a bit. Answer questions they may have for instance. To get them past these doubts.
Your points for this "Share the Journey" step will automatically be added when your invite(s) have joined the facebook group.

At any time use the INVITE link below to send another personal invite to someone you've thought of.

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