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  • Keto Snacks: Find keto compliant & convenient snacks to use at work, while travelling, or to fuel your workouts.
  • MCT Oils & Powders: Boost ketones with one of the many brands and formats of MCT and C8 MCT available.
  • Carb Replacements: Use foods that are similar to traditional carb foods such as pasta and breads, but have a ketogenic profile.
  • Measure Ketosis: Use tracking devices to confirm your levels of ketosis, ketones and blood glucose.
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  • 100% KETOGENIC: Tested to verify its ketogenic profile. Many keto and low-carb snacks on the market fail our internal testing.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Only natural and health promoting ingredients used. Nothing synthetic. No glycemic or mutant fibers.
  • BOOSTS KETONES: Contains a very high purity source of C8 MCT. C8 MCT is the only MCT that increases blood ketones effectively.
  • GREAT TASTE & TEXTURE: Customers describe these bars as 'lush', 'delicious', and 'amazing'.
  • DATA-DRIVEN NUTRITION: First ketogenic snack designed from scratch to be ketogenic. 22 Months of product development. All 11 ingredients tested to be ketogenic.
  • FLATLINE GLUCOSE IMPACT: Thoroughly tested via blood glucose monitors to guarantee it doesn't raise blood glucose.
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