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7 Years

In Ketogenic Diet, Fasting & Exogenous Ketones Research

Ketosource Was Founded in 2015 to Help People Achieve their Personal Health Goals with Specialised Knowledge in Keto and Fasting Science. 

We didn't start working with keto when it became a fad. We started Long Before it Became "cool". 

And we do it - because we believe in it.

Over 31,000

People Empowered in Our Community

We've helped over 24,000 people make better use of the ketogenic diet, fasting and exogenous ketones. 

We talk to hundreds of people every week to advise, troubleshoot and Help them Use the latest in Keto science. 

Our Single Reason for Being is to Enable You to Live Better with these amazing tools.

26 Years

Experience Living Keto & Fasting Lifestyles

everyone in the Ketosource science team lives keto and fasting lifestyles themselves. Some of us have been living this way for over 12 years.

so we've also tried and tested the easiest and simplest ways to make this work.

We make science actionable for you by giving you simple actionable steps.


Here's what people like you say about How the Ketosource Team helped them get results

Ketosource is an amazing company, with very friendly and helpful people and I have found their programme and coaching to be the only successful way to lose and maintain weight.  Thank you

sue mcevoy

Team are excellent at simplifying the steps to get results, taking care to regularly review how I'm doing and then providing further guidance and gentle corrections.

james kearns

This programme works! I can eat the things I love and haven’t missed carbs at all in the 5 months. Coaching is quality and consistent.

graeme cann

I have been following the program for more than seven weeks, results are fantastic so far. Erin was amazing, her support and advice has helped put me on the road to feel better! I would highly recommend this program.

Reem hazim

I love love love the Ketosource team and everything they stand for! They are always at hand with research backed science that is practical to apply in day to day life and the coaching is second to none.

I finally feel like I have the perfect balance between having a coach to keep me accountable and guide me through my heath journey, whilst being encouraged to find a path that’s going to work for me as an individual.

Thank you for everything you do guys! 

angie white

I love being a member of the Ketosource community. It’s a knowledge, caring and resourceful place to be.

I have received coaching from Erin since 2018 and now benefit from the online support community. Erin is always warm, funny and super supportive, as are the other members of the group. 

Having struggled with obesity all my life, I thought that at aged 62 I would never be a healthy weight. I have been amazed by the Keto lifestyle. I dropped 38lbs with very little exercise and never feeling hungry.

I really recommend Ketosource.


The advice given to me was easy to follow and the coaches at Ketosource are really knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. 

steven sheldrake


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