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Note: I’m updating the information on this page every morning. This way you know exactly what to expect from us.

Good News: We’re Staying Operational

I and the Ketosource team are working very hard to keep everything operational as normal throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

That means everything we do. From shipping keto stuff to you, to free webinars, to the community, to advice over email to… anything else.

So Ketosource is going to run as usual… and I’ll also be looking for anything extra we can do to help you get through this easier.

If you need anything. Or have any doubts. Contact me or the team.

We’re here to help you – and will go beyond to help you get through these difficult times:

Tel: +44 (0)24 7693 5285

Two Weeks of 15% Off COVID-19 Discounts
(Starting 3rd May)

This is one crazy year. I’m living it one week at a time since it’s all so uncertain. I’m sure you are too.

A tiny bit of good news. There is now one thing that will be 100% certain. 

I’m running some special COVID-19 discounts for you.

Here’s what they are:

  • 15% discount on everything in the Ketosource shop using the coupon code COVID19. Just use the coupon in the checkout, or click this link so it auto-applies to your order.
  • 14-day free trial Members access: Includes monthly coaching calls for different goals, a Keto & Fasting course vault, webinar replays archive, and more…

On the Members Part…

If you have some free time right now and you want the latest in Keto & Fasting science. Please sign up and study the courses etc.

Take full advantage of it for the next 14 days for free.

Come out of it better having upgraded your keto and fasting knowledge. And then just cancel if that’s all you needed.

I show you how to cancel in the walkthrough video below.. as well as showing you exactly what’s inside.

On the Shop Discount Part… 

There are a couple of conditions to the 15% off coupon.

But, don’t worry, they are very simple and just to make sure we survive it and can continue to serve you afterward šŸ˜‰
  1. The COVID19 Coupon Code only works one time per person. So please make good use of it when you use it.
  2. It works for orders of Ā£50 or more. (This is the lowest value of order that made it economically possible for me to do this).
One thing, we don’t know if stocks are going to last. And this is why I’ve made it 2 weeks just in case. That gives us enough time to get it back in stock.

So if what you want does sell out. Please bear with us. Send us an email or just click the ‘notification’ button on the product page. We’ll jump on it to get it back in stock before the discount finishes so you don’t miss out. 

Last Word on This…

Have fun… and let… the countdown begin!

Where Are We Shipping to During COVID19? Are There Delays?

Our warehouse is deemed essential to keep the UK running by the government. For every order, it fills it helps people to stay at home and self-isolate. This helps reduce infections and helps us all to get past this together.

Shipping in The UK

Our UK warehouse remains open and we are shipping orders Monday-Friday as normal within the UK.

As of this morning we are still shipping with standard timelines:

  • Free Shipping (2-4 Working Days)
  • Standard (2-4 Working Days)
  • Express (1-2 Working Days)

Deliveries are arriving on time in most cases. Sometimes with a day’s delay. So instead of the usual 1 or 2 days, you may find your order takes 3 days to arrive.

We no longer are able to offer the express next day delivery service, unfortunately.

Your order tracking information will keep you updated of course. And Georgia is always able to help if you’re concerned about your order. Email with any queries.

Shipping in Europe

So far shipping to Europe continues – and is surprisingly operational given the challenges some countries are facing.

There are delays in some cases. This length of the delay is very country dependent as the situation is varied across Europe. But packages are arriving. Orders continue to go out every day to even the worst affected countries like Italy and Spain.

The current situation is:

  • Europe Standard (2-5 Working Days): Most orders arrive within this timeframe still.
  • Spain & Italy: We’ve been seeing and expect a timeframe of 3-7 working days for these countries currently.

I’ll update with more details and specifics on expected delays by each country as the situation evolves.

Will We Go Out of Stock of Keto Food and Other Stuff?

We have built up a lot of stock of Ketosource products.

So we know we are safe there. For other brand products, we are working hard to make sure we get whatever you need available.

We meet every morning in the operations team to plan and organize ourselves. We discuss what you’re buying and what we need to find more of every day. So we’re doing our best to stay ahead – and get stuff in before it goes out of stock.

Having said that I do expect some items will go out of stock from time to time. But we’re looking at all angles and working with our many partners to limit this as much as possible.

If you can’t get anything you need email me to let me know . I’ll try my best.

As Always… Your Health is My (Our) #1 Focus

Our warehouse is taking precautions to limit the risk of any packages we ship. And this was started early.

Since the beginning of March, many additional precautions have been taken to lock down risk. Routine health audits and checks.

Restriction of anyone entering the warehouse to only those needed. Many people now work remotely – because it’s not 100% needed for them to be in the warehouse. This all reduces risk.

As does, monitoring of symptoms, antibacterial wipes, having any member of the team who experiences any symptoms self-isolate for 14 days before returning. Additional cleaning. Distancing packaging stations from each other. Adding hand sanitizer stations throughout the warehouse. And many other measures.

Many of these measures are recommended by Public Health England and the Government. We follow all the guidelines and go beyond.

We Can Do This.

We’re all in this together. So let me and the team know anything we can do to help. Or if you have specifics you need taken care of.

All the best,

Founder @ Ketosource