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Leverage Data from the Latest Lab Tests to Track Improvements in Your Health and Maximize Your Results

Ketosource Consulting runs a wide-range of lab tests that are relevant to ketogenic diets, fasting and related goals such as weight loss, performance and health span/ life span maximisation.

In the majority of cases, we like to run lab tests based on a pre-consult with you — to ensure they will provide you ‘actionable takeaways’ for your specific challenges and goals. The pre-consult has two steps:

  • Step 1: Fill in our lab testing application to provide us a few details on your context (e.g. any existing lab tests done, goal etc.)
  • Step 2: Attend a free scheduled call with one of our consultants to go over your application and discuss the best fit lab panel (or possibly a customized set of biomarkers as relevant).

Standard Keto Lab Test Panel Options

The following provides an overview of standard lab panels we run. Many other lab tests exist – and are relevant to different situations. However, the lab tests below provide good value for money and provide a lot of insight into the key areas of interest on ketogenic diets.

Lab Test Consult Options

We provide either completely hands-off lab testing, or full hands-on lab testing. The type of service you choose will depend on your budget and your existing knowledge (or access to knowledge).

The most hands-off we provide, is a lab test which provides some guidance in the form of green, yellow, and red highlighting. This makes it easy to read, and makes use of functional/ optimum ranges (green), non-optimum but within range (yellow) and red (out of range values). These values are based on lab reference ranges and relevant research on optimum ranges.

We strive to have these ranges and indicators as up to date as possible with existing research studies – so these will evolve over time.

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