Ketosource was created to solve a problem that, I, Damien, its founder, my friends, and acquaintances struggled with.

As I learned more about the ketogenic diet, I became increasingly aware that the United Kingdom was at a competitive disadvantage in this area.

Information travels at light speed from the U.S. to the UK. But, unfortunately, many of its best keto resources and products take much longer to get here. That includes local info on navigating Keto in the UK and getting the latest Keto product stuff.

I personally spent a year importing keto products for my personal use – and finally decided it was time to help the rest of the UK out, and make my favorite, and some of the best and latest “Keto Stuff” a lot more easily accessible here.

Then, as I invested time into understanding the actual results and quality of products I found that keto products could be better, and support our keto lifestyles better.

I began investing in the development of new products to meet higher quality standards – two of these are now completed, and are the highest quality and most validated products of their type in the world (Pure C8 MCT Oil, Ketone Bar).

Learning More About Ketosource and its Founder

The easiest way to get to know more about Ketosource and the principles upon which it was founded is to listen to me.

I’ve hosted a podcast since 2014, “The Quantified Body“, where I talk every month to scientists, researchers, biotech entrepreneurs and citizen scientists about what we can do to improve our health, our performance and our longevity.

The show investigates the latest in tech, tools and tactics available to improve our bodies and minds – coming at it from a data perspective to figure out what really works – and what doesn’t.

You can subscribe to the show on iTunes by clicking here, get my full bio here and connect with me on social media on twitter, instagram or facebook.

Careers with Ketosource

Passionate about health, fitness and the growing research around ketone metabolism?

Driven and have a “can do anything” attitude?

If so, we have an increasing number of job positions open at Ketosource as we expand – and I’d love to hear from you. Please see our careers page and apply.