The Bonus Giveaway Finished on Friday 8th November @ Midnight
We calculated the final scoreboard on Monday 11th November, 2019.
Below you’ll find the details from all 153 participants. There are some final details on some participants we are chasing down for their scores – so there may be some slight changes. If your score doesn’t seem to match up please contact us via the details below the scoreboard. We’ll be reaching out to all winners to arrange bonus prizes during this week.

Welcome to “The Ketone Bar Bonus Giveaway”

For this Bonus Giveaway two things are happened:

  • Ketone Bars were at the lowest possible price on for the week only.
  • Bonus giveaway: Over £20,000 in prizes were given away to participants.

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The FINAL Bonus Giveaway Scoreboard

Check where you are in final Scoreboard below.

Final Update: 1pm Monday 11th November.

What If My “# Bars” is Only Showing N/A?

There is a lag in reporting from Amazon which is variable. It only happens to some people.

For some orders, we can’t see them immediately. This lag may be up to 3 days long… yes, I know it’s long. So we have figured out a fix for this.

The good news is that if you provide us extra information we can get these numbers updated quicker for you. So please contact me to get this set up for you – you can reach me here .

Also note that this will not affect your final score and your prizes. Because we will make sure to wait long enough to get all the data in and have it correct before announcing the winners of the bonus prize packages.

What If My “# Bars” isn’t Showing All My Bar Orders?

This is also, as with the above, due to the Amazon data lag.

Which can be fixed – so you can see your running total daily. For this please contact me on . I’ll just need a bit more information from you to track orders quicker.

Also – no fear of this affecting your final score. As I mentioned above, we’ll wait to make 100% sure all data is received before announcing final bonus package winners.

How Much Time is Left?

The Ketone Bar Bonus Giveaway finishes at midnight on Friday November 8th.

At that time I will finalise the scoreboard and the winners and the Ketone Bar’s will return to their standard price.

That means you have left….

Haven’t Started Yet?

There’s no reason anyone can’t win no matter when they get started.

Just make sure you follow the instructions below so we track your details.

Any questions… just ask. You can email me on or hit me up on twitter on @Dblenkinsopp.

How to Take Part in the Bonus Giveaway

To join in on the fun and win some prizes all you need to do is follow these two steps…

That’s it. As simple as that.

What Are the Bonuses? In Full Glorious Detail 🙂


  • Exclusive Early Bird Access to New Ketosource Products in 2020 (Value £400)
    • ​Ketosource is constantly investing in R&D and we have a line up of innovative keto and fasting products coming out in the future.
    • In 2020 some of these will be coming out and you will get exclusive first access to these as soon as the final prototypes are ready.
    • This will mean you will get to try out Ketosource products 3 months or more before everyone else 🙂
  • Advanced Lipids and Inflammation Lab Testing + Consultation (Value £475)
    • This is the NMR Lipoprofile, which will eventually replace standard cholesterol tests.
    • Many diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke have inflammation as one of their drivers. So it’s worth knowing your personal situation, and optimizing to reduce inflammation.
  • 1 Full Month of Continuous Glucose Monitoring with the DEXCOM G6 (Value £191)
    • Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is the best way to optimise your ketogenic diet.
    • The DEXCOM G6 is the only CGM to do this accurately today (I’ve tested them all)
    • It provides 24/7 data on your phone about what your blood glucose is doing.
    • So you’ll learn exactly when you’ve eaten something non-keto and how to avoid it. It’s an exceptional learning tool.
  • Increase Your Productivity through Time Optimization – 60 Minute Consult (Value £500)
    • The greatest management minds including Peter Drucker and Jim Collins have all tracked their time. They also forced their CEO clients to track their time. Why? Because it’s our most valuable resource.
    • To date I’ve spent over 3 years tracking my time as a Quantified Body project
    • The goal? To optimize and get the most out of every day. Whether it be work, play… or importantly maximising happiness and fulfilment.
    • In this consult you’ll learn how to get more from your days. Your time. And your life. And how to easily optimize your time.
  • PLUS Everything from the the ALL the Other Bonus Packages Below.


  • 3-Months Ketosource Fat Loss Program (Value £999)
    • A combination of ketogenic and fasting protocols personalised to allow you to master fat loss.
    • It takes 3 months to really nail down a lifestyle and make it yours. This is what we’ve learned at Ketosource about the Keto Lifestyle.
    • This program was designed from the bottom up based on our experience with clients to ensure they lose the fat they want…  and keep it off.
    • Is this part of your life you haven’t mastered yet? We can handle this for you. The reviews and testimonials we get about the results from this program are ‘outstanding’.
  • Plus Everything from the the ALL the Other Bonus Packages Below.


  • Optimise Your Sports Performance with Nutrition Strategies + Take Part in a Ketogenic Research Study (Value £500)
    • Get a full workup of sports performance testing on the ketogenic diet
    • Includes: BodPod Body Composition analysis. VO2 max testing with rate of fat and carb-burning. Blood lactate and glucose testing and more.
    • The best… you’ll get personalised feedback on your performance and keto-adaptation by our resident sports performance analyst (Matt Carpenter).
    • Please note: As this is part of a study there will be criteria you need to fulfil. You should be a relatively regular exerciser or gym-goer or an amateur/ professional athlete. You also need to be on a ketogenic diet.
    • PLUS Everything from ALL the Other Bonus Packages Below.

    #4 & #5 PLACES BONUS PACKAGE (VALUE £1188)

    • Ketosource Analyst Team Exclusive AMA Mastermind Group – 3 Months X 60 Minute Conference Calls (Value £300)
      • The Ketosource analyst team never stay still. Every single week we are reviewing new research studies together. Furthering our knowledge. Clarifying what works and what doesn’t.
      • How would you like to access the latest in our thinking every month? And stay at the cutting edge of scientific takeaways?
      • This is the AMA Mastermind. On these exclusive monthly video calls you will get a download of the latest in ketogenic and fasting science.
      • NOTE: There will be maximum 5 people on these calls to allow you to get all your questions answered.
    • 1-on-1 60-Minute Keto/ Fasting Consultation (Value £300)
      • Consult with one of our analyst team members 1-on-1
      • Each member of our analyst team specialises in different topics. These include using fasting, ketogenic diets, MCT oils and exogenous ketone tools. And achieving goals with them including fat loss, muscle gain, therapeutic etc.
      • You’ll get to make full use of their knowledge and experience to help optimise your keto/ fasting lifestyle in this 60 minute video call.
    • Free 6-Months Access to the Ketosource Ketogenic Database (Value £60)
      • This year we built a database of ketogenic foods and products to establish… what is Guaranteed Ketogenic… what is just Keto Friendly.. and what is Not Keto (full details on this here).
      • Why? Because there is a lot of misinformation on this topic. And thus, people are using a lot of not so keto products. And we get it. It’s confusing.
      • This database will provide you absolute clarity on your diet. No blood meter testing required. In short: It will simplify your ketogenic life.
      • You’ll be able to look up anything you want to eat or use.. and get immediate verification and comfort. You’ll also have access to the analyst in charge of this database and service.
    • PLUS Everything from ALL the Other Bonus Packages Below.


    • Advanced Keto/ Fasting Science Workshop – 4-Hours (Value £299)
      • When + Where: November 20th OR December 4th in Central London (5 to 9pm)
      • If you can’t get to London for these dates you can attend a private webinar event organized for you.
      • This workshop will give you access to our complete stack of takeaways from research over the last 3 years.
      • Specifically it will provide you with the top scientific and practical takeaways on Removing Fat and Adding Muscle.
      • You’ll learn why and how to use ketogenic diets, fasting, MCT Oil and exogenous ketone tools to best achieve these goals.
      • The workshop size is purposely small (Max 15 spots). So you will get to know the Ketosource analyst team and be able to ask any and all questions you have on these topics.
    • PLUS Everything from ALL the Other Bonus Packages Below.


    • Original Ketosource “Data-Driven Nutrition” Long-Sleeved T-Shirt or Hoodie (Value £30)
      • The Ketosource team spent some time this year designing our own clothing… that we would be proud to wear.
      • We settled on Data-Driven Nutrition as the theme… because it captures our values and beliefs.
      • Get one of these exclusive items… in long sleeved t-shirt or hoodie. Whichever you prefer.
    • Data-Proven Health Optimisation Shortcuts Seminar – 2 Hours (Value £199)
      • ​Over 5 years ago I started a data-based project to optimise my health, longevity and performance. It’s called The Quantified Body. And became a leading health podcast.

      • Over this time I have spent over £100,000 on lab testing and technologies to analyse my body and mind.
      • To my knowledge, I am the “most analysed” person on the planet. Ever.
      • And I’ve learned a lot about what really works. Not just anecdotally, but shown in real data.
      • This seminar includes the biggest takeaways from this project. It also focuses on the ‘easiest’ ones. The shortcuts, that require the least effort. I know not everyone is prepared to go to the extreme lengths I have. So this is the selection of the easiest and quicker things that have a big positive impact.
      • This is a seminar I have done exclusively for small groups of high networth individuals to date. So this information is not available elsewhere. 
      • This small private seminar will be held in Central London (and also accessible via webinar for those not able to make it to London).


    This package is to make sure that everyone can take part and win some prizes. Even if you just buy one box of ketone bars… or no bars at all!

    I have 20 of these bonuses to giveaway. And I’ll pick the winners of these by random. So everyone will have a fair chance at this one.

    This Bonus Package applies to anyone below the top 10 places on the scoreboard… AND you can enter this in one of two ways:

    1. Buy a box of ketone bars: And make sure you’ve filled in the form. If you’ve already bought a box this week just enter via the form so you are in with a chance to win.
    2. Spread the Word: If you already had some bars, or they just aren’t for you. You can still enter without buying anything at all. Just spread the word on Facebook by sharing this page. Then please fill in the form, and send a screenshot of your share to this email: with the subject “Spreading the Word”.

    So what’s in the Wildcard Bonus Package? Here’s the details…

    And that’s it! That’s the full list!

    Important Final Notes

    To avoid any disappointment please read these details. I want to make sure you have fun and nothing goes amiss!

    • Only Ketosource Ketone Bars purchased on will count towards your Bonus Giveaway Score (the total of bars).
    • Both single ketone bars and 12-box ketone bar purchases count.
    • The Bonus Giveaway finishes at exactly Midnight Friday night (the end of day). Purchases after this time can’t be counted unfortunately.
    • Did you already take part in the Ketone Bar Launch that started on Saturday? Great news for you… All your purchases from Saturday 2nd November will count towards your Total Bars for the Bonus Giveaway scoreboard. So you may already have started climbing the scoreboard 🙂
    • There’s nothing to stop you buying ketone bars from your account and gifting them to others. Feel free to get creative 🙂
    • On refunding bar orders… Unfortunately have to mention this just in case there’s any ‘Prize Hackers’ looking at unfair tactics out there. Bar orders refunded won’t be counted. They will be deducted. If we should award any bonus prize packages and then discover bar refunds, we will reallocate the bonus prize package to the next ranked person. So we’ll ensure it’s a fair playing field for you guys.

    Let the Fun Begin

    I’ve put together the best I could for you for this bonus giveaway.

    My goal was to make sure the bonus prizes were worth 10X more to you than the bars purchased. 

    Will you be celebrating like this on Monday 11th November when I announce the results? 🙂


    Here’s the two links again to get started…

    I hope to see you at one of the bonus prize events or services soon….

    AND One Final Request…

    Do you love the idea of this? the bonus prizes? or how low the price of Ketone Bars are this week only?

    Please share this post to one or more of your friends so they can benefit too.

    Everyone taking part has a chance to win a Bonus Package. And the Ketone Bars are the best value right now.

    AND… the more people that find out about this. The more people that take part. The more likely we are to have an impact – and change the status quo.

    Encouraging a better quality of keto and low carb products to appear in 2020.

    Thank you as always for your support. It’s an absolute truth, that Ketosource wouldn’t have become what it is today without you.

    As always…

    For any and all questions you may have… any details of the Bonus Giveaway you’re not sure of, or anything else… contact me and my team here or hit me up on email here .

    Founder @ Ketosource