Ever thought something was keto only to find out that it wasn’t – but it’s too late? Is it all a bit confusing?
We have broken down the confusion and made it simple and easy to shop for keto products that are guaranteed to keep you in ketosis and support your ketogenic diet. You can find a summary of our results in Ketosource.app – the tool we use to check exactly how ‘keto’ certain snacks really are.

Ketogenic Standards

We take your nutritional needs very seriously. For this reason, we painstakingly review everything added to the shop.

We only want to carry items that support your ketogenic lifestyle. So we developed Ketosource.app to assess products and foods based on their ketogenic profiles.

The app uses an algorithm to assess products and foods based on their net carbs per serving. And we’ve put a lot of research and data-gathering into building this algorithm. So we can be confident in how it analyzes each item.

If a product or food has too many net carbs per serving, it will kick you out of ketosis – and we won’t carry it.

So if it’s in our shop, you can be sure that eating one serving of it will not kick you out of ketosis.

Other Certifications

You will see these blue tags underneath the product description. These tags identify whether the product meets the criteria for specific diets. This will indicate whether the product is safe for you.

The full ingredients and allergens can be found under the product ‘Nutrition and Ingredients’ tab. It is also visible on the product main page so that you can identify straight away whether you can have it in your diet. There are six tags in total:

  • Gluten Free – GF
  • Dairy Free – DF
  • GMO Free – GM
  • Paleo – P
  • Vegan – V
  • Vegetarian – VG