Welcome to the Ketosource Community! It is great to have you as a member of our growing online network. Have a read through this guide to get quickly set up so you can start sharing your experience and meet new people.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is the Community For?
  2. The Slack Basics
  3. How to Use Slack for the Community
  4. Channels
  5. Code of Conduct
  6. How to Get Started in the Community
  7. Meet the Ketosource Team
  8. Check out Our Membership Area

What Is the Community For?

The Ketosource community is a growing online network of people from across the world, all with the same goal:

  • To Improve Health and Wellbeing Using a Ketogenic Diet and Fasting Protocols.
  • Some people are just starting their keto lifestyle for the first time, others are seasoned keto diet veterans or those returning to keto after some time away. Wherever you are in your health journey, this community is a place of support and encouragement for you on the road to your goal.

    The Slack Basics

    Check out the video guides on this page here to get yourself set up and logged in to the Slack app.

    How to Use Slack for the Community

    Watch this video on how to use Slack to chat to others in the community.

    You can also check out other ways to use Slack in this Slack ‘Help’ page.


    General Channels

    Start here – Introduce yourself to the community. Share a bit about you, your goals and where you are in your journey. All new members post here to introduce themselves.

    All updates for our members area are found here. You can read more about our supportive members program here.

    Keto science nuggets that are posted to our social media can also be found here.

    Set your weekly goals and check in daily with each other for support. Share your wins and your losses.

    Every monday from 7-8pm the Ketosource analyst team holds a free weekly webinar. This is run through the Zoom app. All updates and links to join the webinar are found here.

    General chat is for all chat that doesn’t fit in the rest of the channels, or if you are not sure where your comment or question should go.

    Here you can find inspiring progress pictures of other members on their keto journey. Before and after pictures, as well as mid journey updates.

    A place for all questions and feedback about the Ketosource Community and ways we can improve it for you.

    Unsure what to eat tonight? This channel is packed full of recipe and food ideas and updates from our members. Come for inspiration or share your meals with others.

    Topic Specific Chat Channels

    General chat with others on the following topics.

    Goal Specific Chat Channels

    If you are using the keto diet, fasting or MCT oil to reach a specific goal, come and chat to others on the same path.

    Science and Evidence Channels

    Want a more detailed answer to your question? Want to understand the mechanisms behind the ketogenic diet, fasting or MCT oil?

    In these science channels, you will find in depth evidence based answers to your questions.

    The analyst team will provide you with answers and practical takeaways as well as links to research papers that you can read or review in your own time.

    1. #science-1-ketogenic-diet
    2. #science-2-fasting
    3. #science-3-mct-oil

    Code of Conduct

    The Ketosource Community is a safe and supportive space for you to share your experiences with others. It is important that all members of the community:

    • Be Inclusive of Everyone
    • Be Respectful While Giving and Receiving Support
    • Ask Questions and Listen to Answers
    • Connect with One Another and Share Experiences
    • Be Nice to Each Other

    The Ketosource Community has a zero tolerance policy for the following behaviour. If you experience any of the following points please tell a team member immediately.

    If you are the perpetrator of any of the following points, you will be removed from the community.

    • No Harrassment
    • No Negative or Offensive Comments
    • No Bullying
    • No Spamming or Selling
    • No Self Promotion

    How to Get Started in the Community

    1. Step 1: Introduce Yourself to the Community
    2. Jump into the #–i-am-new-here channel to say hello to the community and the team.

    3. Step 2: Read and Chat with Others in the Chat Channels
    4. Step 3: Set Your Goals and Check in for Support
    5. Head over to the #-daily-wins-and-support channelwhere you can set your weekly goals and see how others are doing.

    6. Step 4: Join the Weekly Free Webinar
    7. Every Monday evening, from 7-8pm the analyst team holds a free webinar that covers a variety of popular topics. Recent webinar topics covered the best ketogenic diet method for fat loss, the best fasting method for fat loss and how to gain muscle with a ketogenic diet.
      You can register here for the next webinar.

    Meet the Ketosource Team

    In the community, you can identify the Ketosource team members by the purple check marks next to their name.

    The team will frequently monitor the channels to make sure everyone is following the Code of Conduct. The Ketosource community will always remain a safe space to share experiences and receive support.

    The Ketosource team are not medical professionals. All information provided in the community is a direct breakdown of the current scientific literature.

    If scientific evidence is not available, suggestions given are based on our working relationships with 1000’s of customers and clients over the past few years.

    You can learn a bit more about each team member below:


    Damien is the founder of Ketosource. He has been improving himself physically and mentally for the best part of 10 years.
    His interests span from fitness, to brain health and cognitive performance, to anti-aging and longevity – and biotech in general.
    Most importantly, he has a “heavy data” and analytical bias. You can read his full bio here.


    Erin is the Nutritional Consultant at Ketosource. Erin works with clients 1:1, implementing a ketogenic diet and helping them reach their health goals. She also leads the Customer Experience team and the community. Erin is currently studying for her PhD which is focused on Ketogenic diets for Depression at the University of East London. She loves yoga and travels in her spare time.


    Matt is a research analyst at Ketosource. He is studying for a Sport Science PhD, looking at ketogenic diets, and ketone supplements in the context of exercise performance. Matt has a personal obsession with exercise, particularly endurance sport, and uses a periodised carbohydrate approach to enhance his own strength and endurance to help in his sport of choice, Rowing.


    Zach heads the research team at Ketosource. He has a PhD working on cancer and epigenetics. His main hobby is powerlifting and he currently uses a carnivore diet to help keep life simple.


    Grace is a research analyst at Ketosource. In her spare time, she mainly practices rowing and attends the gym. She likes to listen to podcasts on ketogenic and fasting science, longevity and biohacking.


    Georgia works as part of both the Operations and the Customer Experience team at Ketosource. Outside of work, she has lots of hobbies including crafting and making handmade gifts which takes up most of her free time.


    Bojan is the project manager and head of operations at Ketosource. You might see him occasionally in the community. His main hobby is following the NBA.


    Murdo is the Business / Data Analyst at Ketosource and plays with spreadsheets. Yout might not see him in the community.
    Outside of work, Murdo likes to go through antique shops and enjoys reading.

    Do You Need More Support? Check out Our Membership Area

    With membership you access resources and a network that empower you to get results quicker.
    Membership is a bundle of tools, information, and a community that we’ve pulled together to help you be your best.

    The goal is to give everyone the best chance of success. To attain their goals. At the lowest cost possible.

    But more than this… it’s to make the journey together and enjoy it. Support each other. And surround ourselves with like-minds on the same journey.

    Click here to check out the Membership Area.

    If you have any questions about the membership area or this guide in general, come and let the team know so that we can help you. You can post your questions and feedback here.