We take pride in going above and beyond the typical standards of today, because we know how important the details are. Every product you’ll find on this site has been carefully selected to meet the following standards.

  • Nutrient Dense and Active: Not all nutrients, foods or supplement ingredients are equal. The details are very important. The products we source have been specifically selected as the most active and beneficial forms.
  • Bioavailable:
  • Screened for Contaminants: Our selection of products have been screened for testing of products for heavy metals and other contaminants is necessary to ensure supplements industry is not well regulated and as a result many products are low quality, contain contaminants or don’t contain the ingredients they say they do (read this recent New York Times article on government investigations and stats on the issue).

    I research supplements via their certificates of analysis, the experiences and research of experts such as the guests on the show, and consumerlab.com lab analysis reports.