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When it comes to fasting for fat loss, people often fail by making it overly strict. This causes them to quit. So not getting the fat loss results they aimed for.

One key concept where this happens is being concerned about “breaking your fast.” This concept, while appropriate for other goals, is not as relevant for fat loss goals.

Fasting works for fat loss by helping you eat fewer calories each day. But from what we see with coaching clients, it is worth eating some calories while fasting if it helps you maintain the fasting habit. And in many cases this is true.

When fasting for fat loss, the focus is on calories. Simply that. So you can have up to 350 calories during a fast without breaking it.

ONE Quote from a Credible Expert

Stanford Professor, Dr. Andrew Huberman on what to aim for in fasting windows:

“Remember that most people tend to not adhere to the eight-hour feeding window.

They say eight hours, but they tend to eat outside of the eight hours a little bit on each side. So if your goal is a 10-hour feeding window, you might want to set it to nine hours or eight hours.

If your goal is six hours, you might want to set it to seven or eight hours.

And… this is based on thousands, if not tens of thousands of human subject data points that [Dr. Satchin Panda] and colleagues have collected.”

Source: Effects of Fasting & Time Restricted Eating on Fat Loss & Health | Huberman Lab Podcast #41

ONE of Your #1 Questions Answered

The Question:

The most common question we had in January from you was:
“How do I start taking C8 MCT Oil for Fat Loss?”

The Answer:

These are the best steps to lose fat with C8 MCT oil.

This is all you need to do:

  1. Start with one teaspoon (5ml) as your dose.
  2. Take a dose one hour before each of your meals.
  3. Take each dose without carbs, sugars, or other calories (e.g. butter). For example, you can add each dose to a zero-calorie drink like water, black coffee, or plain tea.
  4. Increase your dose by one teaspoon (5ml) each week until you reach one tablespoon (15ml). Only increase your dose if your stomach feels okay.
  5. Continue with one tablespoon per dose until you reach your fat loss goal.

If you are fasting, I recommend you take a dose one hour before you break your fast. You can also take a dose during your fast only if you are very hungry.

The steps above will also help you avoid stomach trouble like loose stools or cramps.


This was the first of a new weekly frequency of this newsletter. Previously I sent it monthly… or even less often.

Ketosource has a huge knowledge base thanks to the 8 years we’ve been working with ketogenic diets and fasting. And I wanted to share the best of this with you.

For the moment, I’m calling it KET-ONE Sunday. A callback, to the ketone molecule that influences many of the biological mechanisms in ketogenic diets and fasting.

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